A story about a Landcruiser..

A normal Cruiser with a special Story behind…

A Cruiser with a special story…

This fine motor vehicle is used to do Station business… used to look after the bores, fences, etc.

The cruiser’s windshield is badly damaged

Seeing minor damages on such vehicles is not unusual as most of them are not licensed and therefore do not drive on public roads…. this particular Cruiser however has a very interesting looking windshield….


…. must have scared the cattle agent a bit…

…. the story how this hole in the windshield/dashboard came about goes like this:

Brent and a prospective cattle buyer where rumbling along a station track in order for the buyer to be able to select the finest cattle.

As Cowboy business often demands a loaded shotgun was lying on the dash, ready for action. Unfortunately someone must have forgotten to secure the safety latch and over one of the many bumps in the track the gun accidentally went off, blasting a hole through windshield as well as dashboard and scaring the cattle agent (the vehicle is a right hand drive as always in Australia…. i.e. the agent was sitting on the left seat, near the guns’ muzzle)

Apparently the agent was very very keen to purchase the cattle and get the hell out of this haunted car as quickly as he could…..

… for us just another one of these real cowboy stories…. it is a men’s world out there!!



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