Cattle grid….

A 60km gravel road links Coobina Chromite mine with the Great Northern Highway… Sylvania Homestead is about 30km along this same road.

Heavy Duty Trucks run along day and night

To keep this road maintained to mining specs a three person crew from Smoothy’s contractor business (Roller, Grader, Water truck) is working on it for 12 hours per day 365 days a year.

Cattle grid compacted with red dirt

‘Unfortunately’ there is also three cattle grids along this stretch of road… maintaining these is Cowboy business…

heavy rails with super compacted red dirt

It took four Cowboys more than a week of shovelling and hacking to clear these grids from the concrete like dirt…

getting the dirt out from below the grid

… I now know one reason why I would not be a good Cowboy for life…

three days of hard work to clear this grid



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